Project Description

Develop bright ideas with the minimum of effort and time

3D printing is the new industry that enable brilliant ideas to fly. Major companies and bright minds all over the world use additive manufacturing in order to create technology that extend beyond all boundaries.

Why to buy Bitmi Pro for aeronautics prototypes?

  • Functional components with complex geometries and defined aerodynamic properties can be manufactured quickly and cost-effectively

  • Production costs are only incurred for the parts themselves, at the time they are manufactured

  • 3D printing technology enables maximum flexibility in production planning

  • Modified parts, upgrades and spare parts can be produced as needed, obviating the need for storage

The SR-71 project:

The SR-71, also called Blackbird, is a long-range aircraft operated by the United States Air Force. It has a top speed of about 4.000 km/h and it can fly up to 25.000 meters altitude. With a total length of 44 cm, this model took 14 hours of printing and 2 hours of assembly and painting.

A stunning aircraft by Stephen Graybill