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Configuring the Slicer

Slicer is the tool you need to convert a digital 3D model into printing instructions for your 3D printer. It cuts the model into horizontal slices (layers), generates tool paths to fill them and calculates the amount of material to be extruded.

Cura Slicer

Setting up the Printer Profile

1. Download Cura 3.0.4 and install it on your computer

2. Click Custom FDM printer, type in the box Bitmi Pro and click Add Printer

3. Fill all the boxes as in the picture and then click Close

Start-End Gcode

Before slicing a model and start printing, you need a printing profile. Download one from below regarding to your needs, unzip it, save it to your computer and then follow the next steps:

1. Open Cura and go to Settings-> Profile-> Manage Profiles-> Import

2. Select the file you have downloaded and click Open

Bitmi Pro Printing Profiles

PLA 0.2 mm
PLA 0.15 mm
PLA 0.1 mm
ABS 0.2 mm
ABS 0.15 mm
ABS 0.1 mm