3D printers are in great demand nowadays. It is a technology that has revolutionized the world and will continue to do so in many years to come. It does that not only through the solutions and benefits it brings, but also through the development of related fields. This market is growing and more and more people are getting in contact with 3D printed objects.

Through 2010, the market for 3D printers was small because it was hard to work with them. They needed a lot of knowledge and patience. The success rate with a desktop printer was below 50% and it took a long time for a piece to be made. It was quite frustrating because adjustments were always needed and the object rarely came out as it should have been.

Fortunately, many of these issues have been resolved and now, in 2018, there are 3D printers that have a 95% success rate if the user has little knowledge in this area.

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What is noticeable and very interesting is the reason why this market has grown so much. One of the factors is that printers are more user-friendly and have many helpful features. But the most important factors are the emergence of free platforms that help you design and the evolution of materials.

A 3D printer is useless if there is no CAD model to be produced and no printing material. Before, few people knew how to use a design software to build different objects. But there are now platforms like thingyverse.com or myminifactory.com where thousands of models are uploaded for free by anyone. This brings much more opportunities for many categories of people.

At first, there were only a few materials to print. The most famous is the PLA. Now there are filaments containing carbon fiber, fiberglass, wood, nylon, filaments that resist high temperatures, etc. Today, the most important and best known 3D printing materials are THESE.

Although this industry will continue to grow more and more, there is no clear evidence that 3D printers will become as well known and used as the computer. The market in 2018 is $ 15 billion globally and an increase of up to 25 billion by 2020 is projected. As a printing technology, FDM will long remain the most used method of building 3D objects with a market share of 70%, followed by SLA by 16%.

In conclusion, there are 3 major factors that lead to the evolution of 3D printing technology:

  • Quality of the components in the printer;
  • Diversity of materials;
  • The emergence of online platforms where you can download free models.

Therefore, it’s not a bad decision to buy a 3D FDM printer right now. In addition to personal use, it can become a means of securing a passive monthly income. And to see the most important areas where this technology is used, go HERE


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