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One of the best 3D printers for consumers and small 3D printing business owners. Only 899 € incl. VAT, fully assembled and ready to print out of the box.

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“Having a 3D printing business, it’s really important for me to have reliable machines that offer consistent results. During production, I had moments when the power dropped or I ran out of filament. But Bitmi Pro uses a technology that saved me time, money and headaches.”

Sebastian Rosca, Co-founder at Idei3D

“Bitmi Pro is an amazing machine to work with. What I like the most is the WiFi connectivity that allows me to change settings in real time straight from my office while the printer is in the production room.”

“I ordered the printer on Monday and it has arrived the second day. The support team is great and in less than an hour I was able to have my first 3D printed object. Bitmi Pro really offers a nice plug and print experience”

“As a bioengineer and a professor, sometimes it’s hard to teach students about the complexity of the interactions between the human body and engineering. Due to the Bitmi Pro 3D printer and various other applications, students have learned to transform CT scans into real objects. Furthermore, they started working on interesting projects like functional prosthetic hands, this fact having a significant impact on their knowledge and education. My favorite part of the Bitmi Pro 3D printer is how silent it is, thus I am able to hold my classes while new products are materialized.”

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